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As Chosen By.. Why Choose Us? Mascots Ergonomic System™

1. Audience-winning design: we have created the most popular and most original mascots in the world. We build winning brand extensions, since we understand that the image of your mascot reflects the image of your corporation or team.

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2. Durability our expert craftsmanship and materials insures that the appearance integrity of the Mascot is maintained even after hundreds of performances. And we back every mascot with a life-time warranty against defects.


3. Value add it up- stronger construction means less downtime, better ergonomics means better mascot performance, better designs mean happier audiences. Street Characters delivers you your best mascot value in the world, period.

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1-888-MASCOTS™ (627-2687)


An exclusive 12-step process to ensure you receive the best mascot costume available.


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