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Street Smarts- Online Videos

Street Smarts -Online Video Training

Learn more about the Art of Mascoting with training videos from Street Characters Inc.

Based on the experience of Glenn Street, one of the first mascots in professional sports, this three-part video series begins with basics of dressing in a costume and ends with entertaining the fans at major league ball games.

“The videos have really helped us train our performer interns for Boomer. We’ve recommended them to other teams.”
Doug Morgan,
Mascot Coordinator,
Indiana Pacers (NBA)

Video 1: Getting Started (Duration 17:50)

In this video, five new mascots are introduced to their job. The topics covered include:

  • costume dressing
  • basic mascot movements
  • health and safety considerations
  • general duties and responsibilities
  • general security issues

Video 2: Basic Training (Duration 21:00) In this Video, the five new mascots are coached in

  • body language gesturing
  • creating a mascot personality
  • working with children
  • the duties of a spotter
  • advanced mascot security
  • basic sports awareness
  • media awareness

” We have every one of our performers watch the videos. Everything in them is so self explanatory.”
Jennifer Smith, Mascot Coordinator, Concordia University.

Video 3: Your Mascot In Action (Duration 16:30)

This final Video presents a mascot’s eye view on performing at sports and corporate venues.

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Street Smarts – The Guide For Mascot Management

Why reinvent the wheel?

Learn how to make your mascot program the best that it can be with management tips from Street Characters Inc.

Manuals: Street Smarts

Street Smarts – The Guide For Mascot Management is THE AUTHORITY on mascot program operations. The only book of its kind in existence, Street Smarts will tell you everything you need to know to successfully manage a mascot program.

Topics include:

  • costume acquisition
  • mascot program staffing
  • basic training for performers and spotters
  • advanced training for sporting events and corporate functions
  • budget development
  • performance booking management
  • performer evaluations
  • mascot program promotion
  • selecting lines of merchandise
  • costume cleaning and repair

The manual is illustrated throughout, and includes examples of 12 management forms.

Fully indexed in a perfect-bound 8.5″x 11″ softcover book, Street Smarts is 149 pages of must know information.

To order your copy of this outstanding product please email our Director of Marketing or phone us toll-free at 1-800-MASCOTS™.

Price: $149.00

This manual will more than pay for itself the first time you use it!

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Bundle-Street Smarts

Get our popular bundle -2 for the price of 1- it includes:

Online Videos plus The Guide For Mascot Management for only $149.00

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To order by credit card call 1-800-MASCOTS (627-2687) or email our sales desk .

NOTE: All prices are in US funds.

“The manual and videos are especially good for teams just starting a mascot program. The package was great for us starting out from ground zero.”

Nicole Bidwill
Marketing Manager,
Arizona Cardinals (NFL)

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