Hello to all mascot enthusiasts and college sports fans! September is a month of celebration, transitions, and of course, our exciting “Mascot of the Month” feature. This month, we’re galloping over to Western Wyoming Community College to introduce you to a mascot who embodies the spirit of both the wilderness and the basketball court: Maverick the Mustang!

A Bit About Maverick:

  • Name: Maverick the Mustang
  • Home: Western Wyoming Community College
  • Birthday Bash: September 19 (Save the date for a special mascot party!)
  • Film Favorite: ‘Top Gun—Maverick’ (No surprises there!)
  • TV Time: ESPN Highlights, with ‘Yellowstone’ coming in a close second.
  • Munchies: Oats (keeping that cholesterol in check!)
  • Pastime Pleasure: Delving deep into Western novels.
  • Little-known Talent: You’d be amazed, but he talks just like us humans!
  • Secret to Share: He’s got a unique birthmark. Next game, see if you can spot it!

Diving Deeper into the Desert with Maverick:

Born amidst the sprawling 9,320 square miles of the sagebrush steppe in the Red Desert of southwest Wyoming, Maverick’s early days were filled with adventures alongside his best pals, the Pronghorn and Sage Grouse.

Becoming a junior Mustang, Maverick quickly ascended to a place of honor and is ecstatic to serve Western Wyoming Community College. His commitment runs deep, rooting for the college’s teams through their highs and lows. From cheering for the Wrestling National Champions of 2023 to celebrating the 2020 Region 9 North victory in Men’s Basketball, Maverick’s enthusiasm knows no bounds. If there’s a game happening, look to the front row, and you’re sure to find this fervent fan cheering the loudest.

Connect with Maverick:

For all those looking to keep up with Maverick’s escapades, find him and more updates at Western Wyoming’s Official Social Media Page: https://www.westernwyoming.edu/about/media/social-media.php

Stay tuned for next month’s feature, and until then, keep the mascot spirit alive.