Many Clients have reached out to us wanting to know how they can Safely and Completely Sanitize their Mascot Costume.

We are pleased to announce our Costume Closet, a portable and stowable closet that will completely sanitize your costume using an advanced ion technology.

This Patented Technology is Safe and Non-Toxic, in fact, there is an FDA Certified version of this technology for use in Hospitals.

The heart of the system has been Independently Laboratory Tested and is proven to kill Mold, Bacteria, and Viruses.

The technology works by using the same sterilization process found in Nature. Billions of generated molecules are circulated throughout the closet, these molecules seek out organic matter such as mold, bacteria and viruses to attach to. Once the molecule attaches itself it strips its host of an oxygen element and kills it.

Because the air is moving these molecules flow through the entire costume. In fact, because these molecules are small, they penetrate into the fabrics and foams to sterilize the costume.

The Costume Closet is a complete solution:

UV Germicidal Light does not work because only the areas the light comes in contact with are sanitized.

Heat Sterilization may not work as you have to keep all areas of the costume above a certain temperature for an extended period of time. Furthermore, heat could warp or damage the materials in the costume. We are also unaware of any product using Heat Sterilization that has been Independently Tested by a third party Laboratory.

Chemical Sprays do not work as you cannot sanitize the entire costume such as the area between the top of the helmet and the top of the head, plus your Performer may react to these chemicals.

Ozone is dangerous, you do not want to be the one opening the cabinet after sanitization if using Ozone as it has been known to damage lungs.

Is the Costume Closet Safe? We mentioned before there is an FDA Certified version for Hospitals, our President has Asthma and he had the Sanitizer running continuously in his office, then he took it home and has had it running 24 hours a day in his bedroom with absolutely no issues. In fact, the manufacturer has a version that is installed on your furnace to continually sanitize your home.

The Costume Closet is compact, it has a footprint of about 3 feet by 3 feet, it can be stored in a footprint of a small coat rack when collapsed.