Meet Alli Gator: The SF State Mascot With A Passion for Life

Hello everyone! Today, we’re diving deep into the world of Alli Gator, the iconic San Francisco State mascot who’s been a beacon of joy and spirit for decades. Want to know more about Alli’s favorite things and how they’ve spent close to a century cheering for SF State? Read on!

Alli Gator: At A Glance

Birthday: August 23, 1931. (Yes, that makes Alli nearly a hundred years young!)
Favorite Movie: Disney’s “Inside Out.” Did you know SF State alum, Jonas Rivera, won an Academy Award for producing it?!
Favorite TV Show: “Full House” – classic San Francisco vibes.
Favorite Food: Yummy San Francisco sourdough bread from Boudin, and let’s not forget those delightful Mission-style burritos! (P.S. Rice-A-Roni isn’t on the menu!)
Favorite Color: SF State Purple! (Of course!)
Favorite Songs:See You Later, Alligator by Bill Haley, Alligator by MONSTA X, Tony Bennett’s evergreen, Left My Heart in San Francisco.
Favorite Pastime: Apart from encouraging students to dream big, Alli loves watching Karl the Fog drape over the Golden Gate Bridge and catching up with their bestie Lou Seal at Oracle Park.

Did You Know?

Alli is not just about cheering and clapping! They have some hidden talents:
An incredible dancer – if there’s music, expect Alli to break it down!
A lover of fashion and makeup, with a fantastic collection of Gator-friendly, cruelty-free cosmetics.

The Alli Bio

Almost a century ago, in 1931, San Francisco State welcomed Alli Gator into the world. Through the decades, Alli’s energy, charisma, and spirit have made an indelible mark on students, faculty, and staff alike.

In 2023, Alli decided to take a brief hiatus. And guess what? They came back with a dazzling glow-up, complete with brand new, shiny scales! Alli’s heart has always been about inspiring students to invest in themselves, their dreams, and their education.

Alli’s adventures also take them to Oracle Park, where they meet up with their partner-in-crime, Lou Seal (the San Francisco Giants mascot). Together, they love exploring the city, cheering for the Giants, and indulging in some mouth-watering Ghirardelli Sundaes.

And oh, next time you bump into Alli on the SF State campus, take a moment to admire those chic SF State purple nails!

In wrapping up our Alli Gator spotlight, we can confidently say that SF State looks forward to another century of Alli’s charm, bringing vibrancy and representing the amazing world of its diverse student body.

There you have it – a closer look at the life and times of Alli Gator. So the next time you spot them at an SF State game or event, give a wave and share a cheer!