As 2024 dawns, it brings new opportunities for brands to connect with their audience. In the dynamic realm of marketing, a well-designed mascot can be a transformative asset. More than just a figurehead, a mascot can infuse new vitality into your brand identity, creating a memorable and emotional connection with your audience.

The Power of a Mascot in Branding

Mascots are unique in their ability to humanize a brand. They transform abstract corporate images into friendly, relatable characters. This human touch is vital in fostering emotional bonds with customers. A mascot embodies a brand’s values and persona, making it not only memorable but also endearing. For instance, the world of sports is replete with mascots that have become synonymous with team spirit and fan loyalty.

Refreshing Your Brand with a New Mascot

The new year is an ideal time for introspection and reevaluation of your brand’s appeal. If your brand already has a mascot, consider whether it still represents your core values and connects with your target audience. If there’s a mismatch, it may be time for a redesign or even a new mascot introduction. The goal is to develop a character that echoes your current branding objectives, whether it’s reaching a younger demographic, underscoring eco-consciousness, or showcasing technological advancement.

Case Study: The Early Days of Mascot Innovation

In 1984, Glenn Street, the founder of Street Characters Inc., began his journey in the mascot world by performing as the very first mascot in the National Hockey League – Harvey the Hound for the Calgary Flames. His performances were so compelling that other teams started seeking his expertise for their own mascots. This demand led to the birth of Street Characters Inc. in 1987, marking the beginning of a new era in mascot design and performance​.

Pioneering the Mascot Industry

Glenn Street’s experience as Harvey the Hound wasn’t just about entertaining crowds; it was about bringing a character to life and connecting with fans on a personal level. This deep understanding of what makes a mascot successful was infused into every creation by Street Characters Inc. The company, under Glenn’s leadership, became known for its high-quality, engaging, and durable mascots, chosen by over a thousand organizations, teams, and schools worldwide​

Implementing Your New Mascot

The launch of a new mascot is a storytelling opportunity. It’s not just about showcasing a character, but about inviting your audience into a new chapter of your brand’s narrative. Utilize diverse platforms like social media, community events, and merchandise to introduce and establish your mascot. Consistency across all marketing channels is crucial to ensure that your mascot becomes an integral part of your brand’s identity.


A mascot can be a pivotal element in your 2024 branding strategy, offering a distinctive avenue to engage and resonate with your audience. This year, consider the transformative impact a mascot could have on your brand’s image and connection with customers. Whether aiming to rejuvenate your brand or introduce a fresh marketing angle, a well-crafted mascot could be your key to success.