As summer brings its warmth and sunshine, mascot performers face the challenge of performing in hot weather. The expertise of Street Characters Inc. in mascot design and performer safety provides valuable insights into how to navigate these challenges effectively. This blog explores the essential tips and practices for mascot performers to ensure safety and comfort during hot weather performances.

Understanding the Challenge of Heat

Performing in a mascot costume during summer can be demanding. The costumes, while designed for visibility and mobility, can also be insulating, leading to increased body temperature for the performer. Recognizing this, Street Characters Inc. focuses on designing costumes that are not only eye-catching but also built with ventilation and breathability in mind. This careful consideration of design helps in managing the performer’s body heat and ensuring their well-being during performances​


Hydration and Breaks

One of the key elements to performing safely in hot weather is hydration. Mascot performers are advised to stay well-hydrated before and during their performance. Regular water breaks are essential to prevent dehydration. Additionally, scheduling regular breaks in a cool, shaded area allows performers to rest and cool down, reducing the risk of heat exhaustion.

Costume Care and Maintenance

Proper costume maintenance also plays a crucial role in performer safety. Regular cleaning and inspection ensure that the costume’s ventilation systems are functioning optimally. Street Characters Inc. emphasizes the importance of a well-maintained costume, not just for aesthetic longevity but also for the safety and comfort of the performer.


Performing as a mascot in hot weather requires careful preparation and attention to safety. By staying hydrated, taking regular breaks, and ensuring that the costume is well-maintained and designed for hot weather conditions, performers can safely entertain and engage with audiences, even during the warm summer months. The expertise of companies like Street Characters Inc. in creating costumes that balance aesthetic appeal with practicality and safety plays a vital role in this process.