In the vibrant halls of Moses Lake High School (MLHS), there’s a mascot that not only embodies the school spirit but has become a central figure in enhancing the school’s culture. Meet Mo, the mascot who’s been making waves since his arrival. Mo’s story is not just about rallying cheers; it’s a tale of passion, dedication, and the joy of connecting with the community. Today, we shine the spotlight on Mo, our Mascot of the Month for March, and delve into what makes him truly special.

Who is Mo?

Mo, with his debut on November 27, 2023, quickly became more than just a mascot; he became a friend, a cheerleader, and a symbol of pride for MLHS. Donning the number 00, Mo stands out not just on the field but in every corridor of the school, spreading joy and school spirit.

A Glimpse into Mo’s World

Favorite Movie: Mo’s love for the animated film “Inside Out” speaks volumes about his depth and understanding of emotions, mirroring the complexity and vibrancy of high school life.

Favorite TV Show: A fan of “Grey’s Anatomy,” Mo appreciates the drama and the intricacies of relationships, much like the dynamics within a high school.

Favorite Food: Simple yet profound, apple sauce is Mo’s go-to snack, reflecting his wholesome and nourishing presence at MLHS.

Favorite Color: Orange, a color as vibrant and lively as Mo’s personality, symbolizes enthusiasm and creativity.

Favorite Song: “Started from the Bottom” by Drake is not just a tune for Mo but an anthem that encapsulates his journey and the continuous strive for excellence at MLHS.

Favorite Pastime: To “chill” is Mo’s mantra, finding joy in the simple pleasures of life, reflecting a balance between the energetic and serene moments.

Hidden Talent: A master of the culinary arts, Mo’s cooking skills are a testament to his versatility and ability to bring warmth and comfort, much like he does in his role as a mascot.

Mo’s Impact at MLHS

Mo’s influence extends beyond the mascot costume. His passion for dancing alongside the cheer team, leading the Bullpen in the Wagon Wheel dance, and his love for interacting with students through selfies and BeReals, showcases his commitment to fostering a sense of belonging and community. Mo’s collection of Mav Jerseys, his vibrant presence in the hallways, and his ambition to attend all home games highlight his dedication to school spirit.

One of Mo’s admirable goals is to connect deeper with the community, a sentiment reflected in his enthusiasm for creating videos with the ASB leadership class. Mo’s philosophy of bleeding Maroon and Gold is not just about school colors; it’s about embodying the values, aspirations, and spirit of MLHS.

Mo’s Vision for the Future

As Mo continues to be a beacon of joy and unity at Moses Lake High School, his journey is far from over. With every game, event, and interaction, Mo aims to leave an indelible mark on the hearts of students and the community. His story is a reminder of the power of school spirit and the role of mascots in creating a vibrant, inclusive, and spirited school culture.

Join us in celebrating Mo, a mascot who started from the bottom and has now become an integral part of the Moses Lake High School family. Here’s to many more dances, selfies, and moments of shared joy and pride. Go, Mo!

Connect with MLHS

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