Birthday: Feb. 12, 2022 (Homecoming at Lincoln Land Community College)
Favourite movie: Monsters Inc., Shrek, Missing Link
Favourite TV Show: The Masked Singer
Favourite food: Horseshoe sandwich (Invented in Springfield, IL!) A horseshoe is thick toast topped with meat, fries and cheese sauce.
Favourite color: Red and Blue (for the Loggers!)
Favourite song: Break My Soul by Beyonce (because you’ll never break Linc’s spirit!)
Favourite pastime: Supporting the Loggers at their games!
Hidden talent: Ability to appear, disappear and reappear all over campus!

Bio: Linc is the biggest fan of Lincoln Land Community College and the Loggers athletics teams! Linc discovered LLCC after spending a lot of time at home, thinking about the future. Linc wondered what the local community college had to offer, so came to campus to look around. Talk about mind blown! Linc couldn’t believe there was so much to do and see! Linc visited A. Lincoln Commons and participated in student activities, tried out training programs like welding and HVAC, even climbed into a big
rig in truck driver training and, you guessed it, pulled the horn. Then Linc sat down in Bistro Verde, run by culinary students, and tried every item on the menu. Next, Linc headed over to the Kreher Agriculture Center to learn how to drive a combine and got to pet sheep in the animal science lab. Still exploring, Linc dropped in on choir practice, painted a self-portrait in art class and visited a biology lab testing DNA. (We’re still waiting for Linc’s results.) Finally, Linc visited the new Nursing Education Center and couldn’t believe the students were getting to learn and practice in rooms that looked like an actual hospital! So excited by all of the educational opportunities, Linc realized you don’t have to study just one thing, there’s more than one direction to take in life, and LLCC is one college that has something for everyone – traditional degrees but also training for hands-on careers.

Linc immediately enrolled, and that very night attended a Loggers basketball game. The excitement Linc felt about the college could no longer be contained. Linc decided to share the fun and excitement of being a Logger with everyone. Linc is now officially the Loggers’ No. 1 fan and will attend many games and activities. You’re sure to see Linc around campus and at LLCC Outreach Centers!

TikTok: @lincolnlandcommcollege
Twitter: @LincolnLand
Intsagram: @llccedu