The mascot of the University of New England for more than 15 years, Stormin’ Norman has been redesigned thanks to the great work of Rickabaugh Graphics and made his first public appearance at UNE’s Homecoming Weekend this past October. As he burst onto the field during the Nor’easters’ Homecoming football game to the roaring cheers of the crowd, the PA announcer explained that Norman had spent the pandemic lockdown working with UNE’s athletic training students and faculty to get in tip-top condition and shopping for new clothes — hence, the new look. In addition to being wildly popular on campus, Stormin’ Norman is also the face of Jr. Nor’easter Nation, the kids’ club of UNE Athletics.

Birthday: October 2nd
Favourite Color: Nor’easter Blue
Favourite Song: Thunderstruck (AC/DC)
Hidden talent: One of a select few of college mascots that can ice skate