Birthday: October 7, 2022

Favorite Movies: Ice Age, The Incredibles

Favourite TV Show: Gilmore Squirrels

Favourite Food: Nuts, and cookies from the dining hall

Favourite Color: Purple and white, of course!

Favourite Song: “The Mississippi Squirrel Revival” by Ray Stevens, “Squirrels Just Want To Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper

Favourite Pastime: Hiding nuts for winter

Hidden Talent: Dancing

Bio: As a Goshen native with family roots that run deep in “The Maple City,”, Dash had always heard about the Maple Leafs and their athletic teams. Ever since the 1950s, their family had been avid supporters of the Leafs, but only from afar. The family would always scamper around the campus, enjoying the smiling faces of students and the changing colors of autumn. But with squirrels not being allowed in the Roman Gingerich Recreation-Fitness Center and Dash’s parents not letting them venture alone to the outdoor athletic fields, the energetic squirrel could only listen to passing conversations to get a glimpse of the Maple Leafs results.

Dash grew up always wanting to attend Goshen events. The clever and quick student-athletes had always enthralled them. Although at a small school, the Leafs were mighty on the court and in the classroom and community. Dash’s inquisitive cousins (the black she- … the black squirrels of the family) were always trying to get them to defy orders and start going to Maple Leafs athletic events. Dash’s confident nature and enthusiasm for GC won out in the end, and they made their debut in the fall of 2022during the 2022 Homecoming Weekend’s alumni award convocation.

Dash strives to create community, cultivate joy and purpose, and build pride in being a part of GC. If you see them around, give Dash a high five and snap a picture with them!