Knighty the Mighty: Danville Community College’s Beloved Mascot of the Month!

Greetings, Danville community! This month, we’re excited to shine the spotlight on a very special member of our family – Knighty the Mighty, the beloved mascot of Danville Community College. Knighty the Mighty isn’t just a mascot; he’s a symbol of their spirit, pride, and unity. Let’s delve into the world of Knighty the Mighty and celebrate all that makes him extraordinary!

A Hero’s Welcome

Knighty the Mighty made his grand debut on October 17, 2023, instantly winning over the hearts of students and faculty alike. Clad in blue and gold, Knighty embodies the courage, strength, and camaraderie that Danville Community College stands for.

Cinematic Chivalry

A fan of epic tales and valiant quests, Knighty’s favorite movie is ‘A Knight’s Tale.’ This choice reflects his love for adventure, humor, and the timeless values of bravery and honor.

Medieval Magic on Screen

When it’s time to relax, Knighty enjoys watching his favorite TV show, ‘Camelot.’ The show’s mystical charm captivates him, mirroring his own adventurous spirit and love for storytelling.

A Feast for a Knight

Knighty’s go-to snack? A hearty turkey leg! This favorite treat keeps him energized for all the college events and activities he participates in.

The Beat of Bravery

Keeping in step with his lively personality, Knighty loves grooving to “(K)night Fever” by The Beegees. This song not only gets him dancing but also spreads contagious joy wherever he goes.

Jousting and Joy

Knighty is a mascot of many talents. He enjoys jousting, demonstrating the art of chivalry, and engaging with the college community. His playful nature and noble gestures have made him a memorable figure around campus.

Join the Fun!

Witness Knighty’s delightful antics and infectious energy in our latest video on Facebook. It’s a glimpse into the fun and excitement Knighty brings to Danville Community College.

Explore More About Knighty

To learn more about Knighty the Mighty and their vibrant community, visit the Danville Community College website at Danville. Discover the adventures, stories, and events that make their college a special place.