How much does a custom Street Character Inc. mascot cost?

Many things impact the final cost of a mascot – design, accessories, materials, licensing (if necessary) and shipping – each costume has its own details and characteristics, all of which can impact the pricing of your character. With each quote we offer, we will make you aware of what these different options are, and give you as much latitude as we possibly can to help you stay within your budget. Give us a call and we’ll work with you to figure out your mascots needs!

How long does it take to order and receive my mascot?

On average, it can 2-4 months through the design and production process to complete a mascot, but this is subject to change depending on the number of requests and deadlines currently in the production schedule. We take into account your reveal event date and schedule accordingly, working very hard to make sure your mascot is ready for their big day! Our priority is to construct your mascot with a careful respect to the details of the concept and quality for performance.

What materials are Street Characters made from?

Street Characters uses closed cell foam which is ultra-lightweight, flexible and holds its shape longer than any other material.

How does the process of ordering a mascot work? 

You fill out a quick short questionnaire created by our concept artists that captures all of your ideas for your character.

Our artist presents you with concept(s) and then multiple revisions are worked on until the look and feel you want has been achieved. Do you already have a character, logo, or product? Great! Our concept artists will help you redesign your character, or bring it life as is!

Once you approve your new mascot costume design. Our Director of Sales and our Production Leader will then step in to build you a comprehensive quote that outlines every detail imaginable, allowing you to make custom selections for materials, fit, and unique performance needs.

Next our amazing production team takes over to bring your iconic mascot costume to life. Our team painstakingly tailors every detail, carefully constructing and strictly following your concept to ensure the final product looks exactly as you imagined!

Once completed, your mascot will get their first chance to showcase their awesome modelling skills in a Street Characters Inc. photoshoot! We will then give them a big team hug, pack them all up, and send them off to their new home with you!

Does Street Characters Inc. design original mascots? Will you work from my organizations design and/or logo?

Yes, we do our mascot designs in house using ideas that you provide. We also build mascots from predesigned concepts and logos, making functional modifications where needed.

Do you rent mascots?

No, Street Characters does not rent any of its mascots or licensed characters.

“I really like this Street Character. Can you build me an exact copy for my organization?”

No, Street Characters Inc. creates the absolute best custom mascots and we do not reproduce exact designs. However, we would be happy to use your favourite mascots as inspiration to design your own unique mascot.

“My mascot is really looking worn out and needs repairs, but isn’t a Street Character. Can you help bring it back to life?”

Absolutely! Street Characters Inc. will welcome your character into our Spa for some much needed pampering with the same love and care we give our own mascots. for more information on our offered services check out our  Mascot Spa page.

“My mascot is looking for a new fantastic outfit or accessory, can you create it?”

Absolutely! Mascots always have to look their best, and our concept artists are full of exciting ideas. Check out our Mascot Accessories Catalogue online, or you can fill out a request for your very own paper copy here. Not seeing what you’re looking for? Contact us and we’ll get you in touch with our concept artists to come up with a fun design.

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