Introduced: January 30th, 2022

Favourite Movie: Bolt

Favourite TV Show: Paw Patrol

Favourite Food: Puppy Chow

Favourite Color: Grey

Favourite Song: All the Small Things- Blink 182

Favourite Pastime: Chewing up hockey gloves

Hidden Talent: 1 for 1 on Stanley Cup Wins

Short Bio/Statement: Lil’ Bern was found and adopted by the Colorado Avalanche from the “Bernie’s Buddies” adoption program. Bernie’s Buddies highlights dogs in need of a good home and brings them to home Avalanche games for fans to meet. Every dog ever brought to an Avalanche game has found a good home that night. Lil’ Bern was introduced on Nex Gen Night where every crowd facing game presentation position was completed by a youth fan. Lil’ Bern makes periodic appearances to home Avalanche games throughout the season.