In the world of mascots, the longevity and upkeep of a mascot costume are as important as its design and initial creation. Street Characters Inc., renowned for their high-quality mascot designs, also emphasizes the importance of proper maintenance and care for mascot costumes. This blog delves into the essentials of costume care, ensuring that mascots continue to be vibrant and engaging symbols of their respective brands or organizations.

The Importance of Mascot Maintenance

A mascot costume is an investment, both in terms of financial resources and brand identity. Its maintenance is crucial for preserving its appearance, functionality, and safety. Street Characters Inc. understands this and ensures that their costumes are not only created with character and personality but also with an eye for durability and ease of maintenance. Proper care of these costumes is essential to maintain their visual appeal and ensure they can withstand the rigors of performances and appearances.

Key Aspects of Mascot Costume Care

Maintaining a mascot costume involves several key aspects. Firstly, regular cleaning is essential to keep the costume looking fresh and prevent any buildup of dirt or odors. This includes both spot cleaning and full washes, depending on the material and usage. Secondly, storage plays a crucial role. Costumes should be stored in a clean, dry environment to prevent damage and degradation. Thirdly, regular inspections are necessary to identify and repair any wear and tear, especially after events or performances.

Ensuring Safety and Comfort

Another crucial aspect of mascot costume care is ensuring the safety and comfort of the performer. This includes checking the ventilation systems, visibility, and mobility of the costume. Regular maintenance ensures that these critical features remain functional, providing a safe and comfortable experience for the performer.


Mascot costumes, much like the characters they represent, require care and attention to maintain their charm and effectiveness. By adhering to proper maintenance routines and understanding the intricacies of costume care, organizations can ensure that their mascots continue to be a vibrant and enduring part of their public image and branding efforts. Companies like Street Characters Inc. not only create captivating mascots but also provide the necessary guidance for their upkeep, ensuring longevity and sustained impact.