A mascot performer’s job is a blend of athleticism, creativity, and passion. This unique role is vital in bringing the essence of a brand or team to life. At Street Characters Inc., mascot performers are trained to excel in their craft, ensuring every character they embody is not only entertaining but also deeply connected with the audience.

Morning: Gearing Up for the Day

  • Physical Fitness: Mascot performers start their day with physical exercises. This routine is crucial considering the physical demands of wearing a costume, which often includes heavy headgear and layers of padding.
  • Mental Preparation: Performers mentally prepare to step into their character. This involves reviewing the mascot’s backstory, traits, and the specific audience they will be interacting with that day.

Midday: The Art of Performance

  • Dressing Up: Dressing in a mascot costume is an art in itself, a process that Street Characters Inc. emphasizes in its training videos. It involves careful steps to ensure the costume is worn correctly for both safety and maximum effect​
  • Characterization: Creating a mascot personality is more than just wearing a costume. It involves understanding the nuances of body language, gesturing, and non-verbal communication, as highlighted in Street Characters Inc.’s training videos​

Afternoon: Engaging with the Audience

  • Audience Interaction: An integral part of a mascot’s day involves interacting with the audience, which can range from children at a school event to fans at a major sports game. This requires a blend of improvisation, humor, and the ability to read and react to the audience’s energy.
  • Performance Skills: Mascots often perform at various events throughout the day. These performances require a combination of athleticism, dance, and mime, all while staying in character.

Challenges and Rewards

  • Physical Challenges: The job comes with its challenges, including working in a bulky costume with limited visibility and mobility. The performer must also be mindful of health and safety considerations, especially during extended periods of activity​
  • Emotional Rewards: Despite the challenges, being a mascot performer is incredibly rewarding. The joy of bringing smiles to faces, especially children’s, and the ability to make a lasting impact on the audience is unparalleled.


A day in the life of a professional mascot performer is demanding yet fulfilling. It requires a unique set of skills and a passion for entertaining and engaging with people. The training and expertise provided by institutions like Street Characters Inc. play a crucial role in shaping these performers, who in turn bring mascots to life in a way that resonates with and captivates audiences.