The city of Calgary recently welcomed a new, vivacious resident with open arms. No, it’s not another prominent business tycoon or a rising sports star, but an affable character that has quickly become the heart and soul of the Calgary Surge – SURGIO.

Birthed into existence on June 18th, 2023, SURGIO isn’t your everyday mascot. With a vibrant personality as red as his favorite colour, SURGIO is a mascot that brings a surge of energy wherever he goes.

When he’s not bouncing around the arena, SURGIO is known to enjoy watching ‘Surfs Up’, his favourite movie, or tuning into episodes of ‘Planet Earth’. As for music, the iconic track ‘Free Bird’ by Lynyrd Skynyrd often echoes in his abode. Quite a varied taste, right?

Now, let’s talk about SURGIO’s unique palate. His favourite food includes bees, snakes, and foxes – a menu that would turn heads at any Calgary food festival.

The end of 2022 brought SURGIO and his family – Swoop and the Guelph Nighthawks – to Calgary. It was a difficult decision, brought on by the necessity to migrate and find a new place to call home.

Calgary, with its welcoming residents and vibrant community, quickly became their chosen destination. Shortly after their relocation, the family was thrilled to discover they were expecting a new addition – our beloved SURGIO.

The task of naming the newborn was a challenge the family eagerly accepted. They sought a name that would embody energy and excitement across all four quadrants of the city. The unanimous decision was “SURGIO”.

SURGIO’s pastimes reflect his vibrant character. He has a passion for dancing, a hobby he frequently uses to get the crowd energized during games and community events. Not to mention, his secret talent of gymnastics and trampolining which, if you’re lucky, you might witness at a home game as he soars for a dunk from behind the foul line!

With such charisma and spirit, it’s no wonder that SURGIO is looking forward to being declared the #1 Mascot.

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