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  Mascot Values & Benefits

As the years progress, there has been a definite change in how several teams use their mascot. In the past, most teams viewed their characters as fringe elements of their entertainment package. They knew they should have a mascot, but were not sure exactly how to best use one. Presently, many teams have begun to view their mascot as a great asset, both in-house and in their communities. They are also discovering that their mascot can be a significant profit center for the team. Overall, these teams have discovered 5 key benefits of their mascot:


A great mascot can add to the entertainment experience of the fan. It is rare that a team can play its absolute optimal game every time out. That said, a mascot can maintain a fan's satisfaction that he/she has been entertained, even if it wasn’t the team’s best game. A strong mascot performance can leave spectators with a positive experience.

Mascot for the Arizona CardinalsCOMMUNITY VISIBILITY

A mascot can give a team high visibility in the surrounding community. In some instances, a mascot may even be more easily recognized than some team players. When Street Characters President, Glenn Street, spoke at the NHL League meetings in the summer of 1998, one team representative noted “When we take our franchise player and our mascot and send them down the street, more people will recognize our mascot before the player.” To the average person a mascot can be easily recognized as a representative of its team.


An effective mascot can generate new sponsorship opportunities. For example, a department store sponsors the Tampa Bay Lightning mascots, Thunderbug and Ladybug. This can provide assistance for team as well as exposure for the sponsors.


Team administrators can think up new promotions featuring a mascot in a single game or on a repeat basis. Fun promotions ideas might include a mascot game at half time, or a pizza giveaway delivered by your mascot during each game. The possibilities are endless.


Team marketers can create merchandise based around a mascot. This gives fans a chance to bring a piece of their mascot home while increasing a team's revenue stream. A mascot can be booked for public and private appearances, allowing for even more revenue opportunities. Any team should be able to create a celebrity status for their character. It is not uncommon for some teams to charge up to $600.00 per hour for local corporate events. Make frequent use of the money making power of a team mascot.

By keeping these points in mind, you can create an entertainment package with your mascot that is high profile, community minded, AND a revenue generator!

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